Should we stay or should we go?

A mass on her kidney?  What do you mean – a mass? And why did you say it needs to come out?  So are you saying it’s not appendicitis? Well what is it?  We have a plane we are supposed to be on in a couple of hours.  Can she fly?  Should we try to fly home? What happens if we stay here?

Those were just some of the hundreds of questions that came flooding into our mind as we tried to make since of what Dr. Van Horne had just told us.  We brought our little Lizzy to the Urgent Care just to make sure she didn’t have appendicitis before we hopped on an airplane to come home, and now we are being told Lizzy has a mass on her kidney and it needs to come out.  Is this real?  Somebody pinch me and wake me up – I’m supposed to have my family on an airplane in a few hours!!

Dr. Van Horne calmly and succinctly explained that Lizzy had a mass on her kidney.  It was too early to tell what it was, but at some point, Wilm’s Tumor was mentioned as a possibility.  Dr. Van Horne said that Lizzy was probably safe to fly home, but we didn’t need to waste any time getting more tests done on the mass.  She said if we decided to stay, she could get us admitted to Children’s Hospital Colorado in Aurora immediately and they could probably get a CT scan performed today to (hopefully) get a better idea of what is was we were dealing with.

In my mind, I started calculating time and travel – 30 minute drive back to the hotel, 30 minutes to get everything packed and everyone loaded into the rental care, 30-40 minute drive to rental car place, 10-15 minutes to return rental car, 10-20 minute shuttle ride to terminal, Who Knows minutes to get through TSA security.  By this time it was about 1:00p.  Flight is 4:15p. I have a 5 year old back at the hotel with her older siblings – if we stay, what do I do with the 5 year old?  There is a mass on her kidney.  Can the older siblings go ahead and fly home?  The mass needs to be removed. Where is Children’s Hospital Colorado?  Is it any good? It might be Wilm’s Tumor. Do we stay or do we go? What is happening to us????

Ok, deep breath.  Breathe. Breathe. Dear God – what do we do?  I called my good friend Dr. Frazier.  Fraz, here’s what we were just told – what does it mean?

Dr. Van Horne said you should always ask a doctor “if it were your family member, what would you do?” So she asked herself that question for us and said she would stay.  She said the surgeon on call during the Thanksgiving holiday was someone who was very experienced with kidney tumors and we would be in great hands.  And Children’s Colorado was a top-10 ranked children’s hospital.

Ok, we are staying.  Now we need to get Lizzy admitted.

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