Hello Children’s Hospital Colorado

We had made the decision to stay in Denver and admit Lizzy to Children’s Hospital Colorado.  Our heads were still spinning as we drove from the Urgent Care to the Hospital.  On the drive, we called our oldest son (who lives near Denver) and told him to go to Wal-mart, buy a car seat, and go to the hotel and pick up his 5 year old sister.  She would need to stay with him and his wife until we could get Lizzy admitted.  In the meantime our 2 middle boys and soon-to-be daughter-in-law were instructed to pack up all their stuff, catch an Uber to the airport, and get themselves on the 4:15p plane ride back home.

Dr. Van Horne had made arrangements for us to be a direct admit to the hospital.  She told us to go to the 7th floor and ask for Adam – he would be expecting us.

Sure enough, we checked-in at the registration area and they told us we would be in Room 713.  So we made our way to the 7th floor.  We didn’t even notice the sign just outside the double-doors leading to the unit that contained Room 713.  It wasn’t until later that evening that we noticed the sign.

Adam was waiting for us and took us to Room 713.  He couldn’t have been more caring and empathetic.  He set the tone for what would turn out to be the best, most outstanding hospital experience I’ve ever witnessed (and I’ve worked in various hospitals for over 20 years).  Absolutely FANTASTIC!

We got settled into the room, made sure our 3 travelers had made it to the airport and gotten on the plane, and confirmed that our oldest son had his sister and everything was ok.  It was.

The hospital staff were busy getting Lizzy all set up – vital signs, history and physical, listening to our story, etc.  We then were told Lizzy would have a CT at 6:30p.  In the meantime, urgent prayer requests went out to many family and friends and a mighty army of prayer warriors began to rise up and intercede on behalf of our little girl.  The CT was performed and we were told we would get the results in the morning.  Lizzy was attended to and was ready for bed.  Lori and I tried to lay down, hoping against hope that if we went to sleep, we would wake up and this nightmare would be over and we would realize it was only a dream.  But it wasn’t.


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  1. I love you Brooks family. You all have been family friends forever. It’s just crazy to think how far both our families have come since we first met. Lizzy will be in my prayers. It truly made my heart smile seeing her at church yesterday and asking if she was a fighter and to hear her respond I am a fighter. Like the blog says she is small but fierce. Praying lizzy and your whole family.

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